What to do with Marijuana Trimmings

After cutting down the marijuana plants then trimming them, a marijuana grower will be left with a lot of marijuana clippings to clean up.  Marijuana clippings are the little clippings of fan leaves and leaves that were sticking out of the bud after harvesting.  These leaves can be very valuable depending on the marijuana grower.

Usually marijuana growers, especially amateur marijuana growers, will just throw out all of the clippings after they are finished harvesting.  However, these clippings contain a decent amount of THC and can be used for cooking marijuana products such as brownies, cookies, and even rice crispy treats.

A marijuana grower will store all of the marijuana clippings and allow for them to dry much similar to the drying process that the bud experiences.  However, the clippings must be watched very closely as they can mold easily especially if little moisture is present.

Depending on the amount of the plants that were being harvested as well as their average size will determine the amount of marijuana clippings that a marijuana grower is left with.  This can range from just a few ounces to possibly a couple of pounds.  Be sure to weigh, using a gram scale, the amount of marijuana clippings that are left behind.

The process for extracting the THC from the clippings is relatively simple but will not be found within the Marijuana Fundamentals blog or website. Instead, directions for how to separate the THC from the clippings to either butter or oil can be found at various other websites and/or books.

The idea behind mentioning the THC that is included on the clippings though is to make sure that every marijuana grower is aware of the use of the trimmings.  New information such as this helps marijuana growers realize that every bit of the plant can actually be used and not just the bud itself.


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